Week 0 — smol preamble

Hi, hello.

If you are reading this, you probably know me and so probably already know that I’m a designer, I’m studying sociology and I read a great deal.

I get asked for reading recommendations fairly often. I already share links to articles, quotes, photographs of book pages, my opinions on books, etc etc etc. But it’s currently spread out across social media, irl and virtual conversations. I’m finally starting this smol place to bring it all together.

After all, newsletters are making a comeback.

Speaking of newsletters, I really enjoy Robin Sloan’s. In his last one, he talked about how internet projects are “by default open-ended” and borrows TV’s idea of “seasons”.

Simply by framing work this way, you re-establish some edges, and with them the possibility that, one day, your work might be done. Likewise, you set up a finish line: a moment to feel happy, and accomplished, and proud.

Without seasons, or edges, or finish lines, the only options that remain (I think?) are (a) infinite work forever, or (b) a slow fade into (optionally ashamed) silence.

So, with that in mind, welcome to my newsletter. It will run for 48 weeks, until the end of my masters.

Anyway, on y va…


I had a conversation with Debs months ago about starting a newsletter. It gave me the original push for this.