Week 48 — fin

Hello comrades,

This has come to a natural finish. I’m near the end of my masters and so the end of this chronicle. From feminist and queer theory, animal studies, research ethics, to data and technology, not to mention the chaos that is being alive in this world, it has been quite the ride. I have a particular fondness for those of you who’ve been here since the early days.

I really enjoyed this almost-year of writing. The discipline of putting my thoughts down, the conversations it’s provoked, new folks I’ve met. Learning in public – while terrifying – is an interesting experience.

I might do another one someday. Maybe a little different, more curated and less of a brain dump. Maybe I will stop writing directly in the cms. Maybe I’ll even rope someone in to proofread for me. Or maybe I won’t and will continue to write exactly as I speak. I probably won’t use Substack, I don’t like all the tracking. But if I do start something new, I’ll definitely let you know.

Either way, I would love to hear from you. You can reply to this email, or hit me up on Twitter.

Thank you for reading.

Stay well.